7,000 feminazi’s savagely objectify themselves. You go girls!

I got sent this video.

This is feminism in a nutshell: Stupid sluts with a victim complex, getting angry about nothing, fighting an invisible patriarchy that was created in their minds and generally just achieving nothing and wasting oxygen.


From the video; one feminist sucking on the breast of another feminist. Way to break the stereotype that feminists are just closet dykes.

You may think that this image is a bit… disgusting, vile, perverse, unnecessary, horrible, moronic, idiotic, cancerous, etc No really it is, because if you objectify yourself then you won’t need a non-existent

It does make me think that Feminism may have a point, though. There must be some kind of gender inequality, otherwise how would you get so many women out of the kitchen for one day? (I kid, I kid.)

These kinds of insane scenes, along with Slut-Walks, make me think that the only objectification of women is by women themselves. I suppose that way they don’t need a non-existent Patriarchy to do it for them.

Though claiming you’re against something that you’re causing seems sorta like you’re not getting along with yourself, does it not? Just constructive criticism, ladies.

In the video, they’re trying to desecrate a cathedral, which makes sense. Marxist-Feminism is just a part of the wider scheme of Cultural Marxism to totally destroy all Western culture and values.

It seems like Latin America has the craziest feminazis. Though it’s incredibly admirable of the men in this video, (who were getting spat on, sprayed with aerosol, eye raped, verbally abused, and occasionally attacked,) to just keep their cool. It would have been hilarious if they stooped down to the feminazis level and did something likeĀ this, but then again that would be an equal response. We all know feminists can’t actually handle equality.

I suppose, though the video is disgusting and hard to watch, it serves as a good resource as to the true colours of feminism.


“U mad ho?”