Month: April 2017

Women don’t deserve to vote.

We have a basic problem on our hands in the western world. The egalitarian, emotional, and illogical ways of the wo-man are infringing our culture’s ability to preserve itself.

It must be real serious of this many women can abandon their kitchens all on one day

They vote in self-hating, all-inclusive, feel-good sycophants like Justin ‘Castro‘ Trudeau or Angela Merkel. Hillary Clinton almost won and women were voting for her for the sheer fact that she is a woman (or at least some demonic hybrid of a woman.)

Can women really be trusted to make rational decisions about the future of a nation? They buy into emotionally-fueled drivel like they buy face-paint, perfume, magazines, high heels, and the idea that they can survive without men.

If their feelings fuel an all-out race war, then It’ll be men who have to fix the mess. Women shouldn’t have a right to vote by virtue of this fact alone. If you can’t be responsible for your actions, then your actions must not be permitted.

The ‘right’ to vote is a myth, anyway. If it can be granted by the government, it’s not a Right: It’s a privilege.

Men were bound by civil conscription and that was the price they had to pay for being able to vote. Women were never expected to go to war or help firefighters and police, so why should they reap the benefits of such a privilege without bearing the burden that is coupled with it? They were given the ‘right’ to vote shortly after asking for it, while men were getting shell-shocked, mutilated, maimed, and murdered, all for the protection of women. Where’s the equality in that?

Personally, I wouldn’t trade the above horrors for the ‘right’ to vote. Not that this was ever an option for men.

Oppressive white male basking in privilege

Women, children, illegal immigrants, low-iq people, criminals, and retards are all people who should not have an equal vote to a man who is a law-abiding citizen of decent intelligence, who pays taxes, and who will be expected to fix the mess caused by democratically induced democide.

You may say that it’s gone a bit too far now. Women now occupy some important position, and have high value in society, and many are more rational. To that I say, fine. Women can vote, but it should only count for around half of a man’s vote. Until they can fill in the most dangerous and important vacancies, that is, then we can bump it up to 3/4ths.

Rube, (formerly referred to as Lord Rubular,) would like to announce officially that the above writings are intended purely as a work of political satire. Rube (street name: Roob-Da-Daddy-Dude) would like to emphasise that he is not, in any shape or form, seriously suggesting that women are either irrationally emotional, or even misguided. He does not mean to hurt the feelings of any women out there, or to insinuate they are fragile-little-flowers by worrying about their feelings.