People who look alike.


Here are two American men. Dwight Eisenhower (left) served as Supreme Commander during WW2. He later became U.S. President. On the right is David Lee Roth of Van Halen. He wrote ‘Hot for teacher.’


Here is Roth again (right) next to a picture of William Lane Craig, who often debates the philosophical basis of Christianity. Both men are Christians.


Here is an old portrait of a young Karl Marx on the left. Incidentally, Marx is believed to have changed his name from ‘Karl ha-*levi*.’ On the right is actor Joseph Gordon-*Levi*tt.


This is a picture of two famous doctors.


Above is a picture of three men who look very similar, but are not related. Leonard Cohen (songwriter,) Adam Sandler and Sasha Baran Cohen (both comedy actors.) Two of these men have the surname ‘Cohen.’


Here is a picture of Tiny Tim and Bob Dylan. Both men happen to be entertainers. What are the odds?


Alan Greenspan and Alan Dershowitz. Both men are called Alan, wear suits, and have glasses.


I find it interesting that many of these people who look similar, indeed, also have other things in common.


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