Just a little snip.

In the U.S. around 60% of the baby boys that are born, are apparently born with a birth-defect. This horrible birth-defect is called a ‘foreskin.’ Nobody knows what it’s for, or why it’s there: They just know that they need to immediately cut it off so the baby boy can be free of this horrible affliction.

Medically, it’s referred to as ‘circumcision,’ and the Jewish call it a ‘Briss.’

These are simply light terms for genital mutilation. The general idea is to make it sound like something other than ripping off a part of a baby’s penis.


It’s frequently referred to as a completely harmless and painless procedure, and one that actually has some benefits!

Benefit 1: Easier to rape.

Benefit 2: Vomit-worthy perverts think that it looks better.

(Note: If you’d consider putting a knife to your son because somebody might sexually prefer it later on, then you probably shouldn’t be having kids.)

Benefit 3: If we cut it off, then it won’t be there, and then nothing bad will happen to it!!!1

People will constantly argue that, “Ooh, if we cut a part of your body off then it won’t get infected.”

If you think this justifies genital mutilation, and you adhere to this type of logic, then you should also consider:

  • Decapitating your baby, (It’s been know to reduce forehead cancer in almost 90% of cases.)
  • Getting your baby’s hair lazer removed, (it’s been consistently found that hair carries fleas, bugs, and diseases.)
  • Kill your baby, (some experts say that the human body is susceptible to all kinds of deadly viruses, infections, and diseases. I’d play it safe and just kill the baby to avoid all this.)

(For a hilarious video parodying the stupidity of the ‘circumcision debate’ click here)

Women: Imagine there was a procedure for baby girls, where part of their genitals were permanently altered. The main advocates of this procedure were either men who sexually prefer women with it, or people who just do it because of their religion. Now also imagine that there were many women who hated the fact that this was done to them, and it negatively effected their lives, and that there were even communities of women who were trying to find methods of somehow getting back what was taken from them.

All that, coupled with the fact that the arguments for this procedure were often spurious and unconvincing, postulated by people who were simply trying to give a reason for their barbaric madness; then I think you’d have a genuine issue that feminists could discuss.

(For another hilarious video parodying the double standard of female attitudes to circumcision: See here)

The clean cut killers.

I’m going off topic here, but I thought it was kinda odd how all the main serial-killer-rapists are always so clean cut. I mean, you’d never expect these guys to do all the unspeakable evil things they do, when they just look so gosh darn clean cut.


In an attempt to find out what makes these guys tick, I wanted to look into their personal lives, to see if there was some kind of common denominator… The psychoanalyst, Freud, would often say that early childhood experiences of great trauma would lead to big implications for that person’s personality, and could perhaps lead to strange, or unorthodox fetishes (Freud would’ve known about this more than anybody). So I looked to see if there was anything in their early life that might make sense of their weird pairing of sex and violence, of making their victim bleed and scream, of inflicting great pain.

My efforts were however in vain. There seemed to be nothing that paired these odd people together, nothing that they all had in common that might explain their behavior. There was nothing that officially could be called child abuse. Perhaps these people just did these things for no apparent reason.

Some of the most notorious sexual violence criminals: Jack the ripper, Son of Sam, Doctor death, Michael Fourniret, The Craig’s list killer, etc. They all seemed to just act randomly, and were all so different.

They would often use items of bondage, clamping their victims down and forcing them to suffer, making them bleed, and even cutting the genitals and deriving sexual gratification from it. Their victims had no idea why this was happening. They did nothing for this to happen. There was no reason for any of it. They would just get strapped down and tortured. I don’t know why.


I don’t know why.

The last victim of Phillip Markoff, (the Craig’s list killer,) was called Julia Brissman… hmm.. I think that sounds familiar… Briss… I’m not sure though.

It’s so strange. What could possibly make people have such little empathy for others? It’s like they had no emotions. What sociopaths, right?


Special thanks to: Jano Klark and the KBH

For an educational article on the effects of circumcision, read this

For a more comprehensive list of ‘clean cut’ serial killers, see here


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  1. circ indeed defined the line between the civilized, Christian world, and the black/muslim etc. savages beyond the borders. it was the cause of the crusades, which were our only (and feeble) attempt against the menace of islam.

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