Pedo-Rockstar in Wales gets 35 years (Not long enough)

I’m not going to describe in great detail exactly what he did or all the things he planned on doing, all that’s been thoroughly gone over in the news already and to repeat it would be counter productive. I will say, though, that Ian Watkins is not in for a good time when he gets to prison. Being famous and being a pedophile means some extra special treatment (if you know what I mean.)

He was the lead vocalist for a band called Lost Prophets, quite a famous pop-punk (oxymoron) band in Wales. Being from Wales, we’ve heard about this endlessly for months but now the whole world seems to care. I may as well capitalize on that while I can.

Lost Prophets has been a teen sensation for years, and recently it came to light that Watkins had been boasting about all the 14 year old girls he’s slept with whilst on tour. It makes you wonder, how many other celebrities are going around doing the same thing for years on end without getting caught. Regardless, I’m hoping all the statutory rape piles up his sentence (he may end up getting 60+ years if so.)

Watkins has allegedly been collaborating with several women who have been letting him abuse their children. This also makes you question how sick and unfit some people are to be parents. The mother of one of the children who Watkins molested came out with it to the police, which led to a huge investigation and his subsequent arrest.

The DCI (equivalent to police commissioner) of South Wales said that this was the worst case of pedophilia he’s ever dealt with.

“Detective Super Inspector Peter Doyle, who led the investigation, said: ‘Watkins’ data storage size was 27 terabytes – which is five times the size of South Wales Police systems in storage capacity.

‘Not all of it was illegal material – but if you need 27 terabytes then you’re clearly into that kind of world.'”

Apparently, the main password for his computer was “I eff kids.” Talk about adding insult to injury.

I had the (dis)pleasure of stumbling upon Watkins’ profile on a website called ‘motherless’ (hardcore porn site) a few months ago. Turns out Watkins was into: Wearing high heels, putting various objects (including fists) into himself, and what appears to be him attempting to contract oral cancer from having stumps in his mouth. I can also confirm that he is circumcised, which is unusual in the UK. It appears to be voluntary.


Literally the only image on his profile that isn’t explicit.. and it still makes me cringe.

Wouldn’t momma (or mummy in Wales) be proud? Well, the answer is apparently no.

“John Davies, 53, and his wife Elaine, 60, were too distressed to go to court to see their son sentenced yesterday and have instead focused their sympathy on his victims.

‘I could cheerfully spend an hour knocking him around a cell,’ Mr Davies, a Baptist minister, told the Mail”

Unlike Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer, Watkins gets no sympathy from his parents. If I didn’t think his mutilation was self-inflicted, I would see him as eligible to join the infamous Circ Karma page on the KBH.

It’s interesting to note that he decided to cover up the fact that he was a raving homosexual, (made evident by his motherless profile.) It’s almost as if he felt ashamed of it and hid it away just like being a pedo. But nah, there couldn’t be any connection whatsoever. It’s not like normalising Pedophilia is the last frontier of the sexual revolution, or anything.

The real tragedy behind all this is not that Watkins wanted to do these things in the first place, it is in the face that he was able to do them. Two mothers completely betrayed their own children by allowing Watkins to fulfill his diabolical wishes. How pitiful it is to capitulate to this insanity and corrupt your humanity for mere acknowledgment from a celebrity

Watkins later described his actions as ‘MEGA LOLZ.”



There was some initial debate about whether he actually did any of the above and if he was indeed guilty. The debate quickly ended was people saw the way he smiled. It just ain’t normal.

Unfortunately, there is another Ian Watkins, who was also a singer, who also lives in the UK, and is the exact same age as the Pedo-Watkins. He is ‘H’ from ‘STEPS’ (a legendary British pop group)


“Tragedy! when people think you’re a pedophile, it’s hard to bear! Now your career is going nowhere! DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN!”

He’s now threatening to sue google because people have mistaken him for Pedo-Watkins (it’s not googles fault he’s incredibly unlcuky.) Let’s hope ‘H’ stays indoors until this all blows over.



  1. there are two pics i could find, and i’d guess he was crimped of his own will. he’s apparently missing skin, though it is not hugely stretched, sugguesting he was not crimped at birth in the typical gomco manner. i read up a bit and his mother’s reaction is quite good, suggesting that she’d never have her own kids crimped. looking at the ages involved, i’m guessing he started “acting out” however, when his mother separated from his father. his narrative actually goes along with all of what we’d predict from KBH theory. his rise to fame was actually when he was clean, sober, and moral. his decline seemed initiated by his mother’s “divorce” (uh, how is that possible when you have kids? aren’t you permanently a legal family member after having kids with someone?). there are also creepy pics of him making smirky faces next to naked baby dolls….later seemingly look mostly for shock value (but to shock who? maybe his parents). there’s the heavy influence of porn for him as well, which i think after he’s in jail he’ll divulge more to the public about. “voluntary crimping” is when depraved men would rather lose their manhood than have to accept a modicum of chastity in their lives. also men have not developed in themselves nor inculcated on their sons the kind of respect for their peepipes as there is for wimminz.

    /two cents

    1. Yeah, this was my initial thought too, like a star who lost control and felt above the law due to his fame. Most men in the UK who are crimped have done it voluntarily and there’s a certain dark period for Watkins, about 2006 onwards he had just got dating another well known celebrity and things looked like they were spiralling for him, I noticed his music certainly got worse (creativity harmed) and from ’08 to now he’s gradually gotten more snake-like and more reptillian looking

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