What most people don’t know about the AIDS ‘virus’


AIDS is a ‘virus’ that spreads through sex.

It just got done being world AIDS day, the fight against aids is reportedly being won and what better way to see how far we’ve come by commemorating America’s first victim of this deadly ‘virus’.

Have you ever thought of that? “Who was the first person to actually die from AIDS?”  It would make sense to at least mention that person, especially on ‘World AIDS day,’ right? So, why don’t they talk about it?

The answer is simple. The first AIDS victim does not fit in with the wholesome, family friendly image that is constantly postulated to us by the media, Hollywood or other control systems that try endlessly to corrupt the morality of the people. You will not hear about the first AIDS patient on the Ellen Degeneres show and they definitely won’t be making a movie about him.

The first person to contract AIDS in America was a 13-year-old boy who almost certainly was the victim of homosexual pedophilia.


Obama might want to rethink his stance on gay adoption. Or maybe he has.

Here’s an article written in 1987:                                                                  http://www.people.com/people/archive/article/0,,20097600,00.html, which states that in 1967, a 13 year old ‘Robert R’ had contracted AIDS and had the ‘virus’ for two years before he died at age 15, in 1969.

The problem with that article is that it doesn’t even suggest that ‘Robert R’ contracted AIDS as a result of being the victim of pedophilia. The article states that he likely got AIDS from “homosexual practices,” which suggests that he was actively participating in sex with men…

So we’re supposed to believe that a 12-13 year old boy, in the 60’s, who was “uncommunicative” and “mildy retarded” managed to consciously find other homosexuals to engage in sexual activities with to the point where he contracted AIDS?

Yeah, I don’t buy that either. But it makes sense to bend the truth to fit whatever is on your agenda, we almost never hear about homosexual pedophilia it seems. This is all part of them trying to paint homosexuals as being completely fine and morally sound people. After all, being gay is just a preference right? There are no negative connotations that come with it are there?  The fact homosexuals are far more likely to develop mental disorders is probably just a coincidence or something…

So anyway, how common is homosexual pedophilia? Could this have been a fluke? I mean, we never really hear about things like this in the news or anything so maybe it doesn’t happen much?

Oh, I wish that were true, but actual statistics and data paint a very different picture.

According to the department of justice:

  • 96% of all child molesters are male.
  • 1 out of 3 molestation victims is a boy.
  • 1-3% of the U.S. population is homosexual.
  • 1-3% of the general population commits 1/3rd of all child molestation.

Based on these statistics, at least half (around 55%) of homosexuals are child molesters.


Who knew toddlers could write signs so well?

Is it ethical to grant child adoption privileges to a group of people who are statistically 55% certain to abuse children? Furthermore, if these are the facts and this is the way it is then why are people who disagree with child adoption for gays automatically labeled as homophobes? doesn’t this mean they are just genuinely concerned? Is homophobia a bad thing?

Chances are, one of the ‘dads’ in the picture on the left is a pedophile. Though I’m willing to bet they both are.



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