Fast and Furious star dies in car crash, oh the irony.


If you’ve been on the Internet today, watched the news or even spoken to somebody, you might have heard about Paul Walker, the actor from the move ‘Fast and Furious’ (a dumb Hollywood flick that glamourises street racing, recklessness and the general misuse of transportary vehicles,) dying in a car crash.

It seems like everyone with an internet connection is posting “RIP Paul Walker” and things like “how could this have happened?” or “this is so tragic.” Yes, it’s all very tragic but what’s more tragic are all the other people who have ended up dying or being horribly injured in car crashes, maybe because they grew up watching the Fast and Furious movies, and they idolised the characters and thought it was cool to drive recklessly. How many people have died because they were directly or indirectly influenced by movies like Fast and Furious?


“RIP to everyone who thought driving recklessly was cool and ended up dying” -said no one ever.

  • Nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day.

  • An additional 20-50 million are injured or disabled.

  • Road crashes are the leading cause of death among young people ages 15-29

  • More than half of all road traffic deaths occur among young adults ages 15-44.

Déjà vu

The circumstances surrounding this incident and the way the public are reacting to it, remind me a lot of the Ryan Dunn case. Remember? the guy from Jackass who got himself killed in a car crash? Everybody got so upset over it, you couldn’t go to any website ever without seeing “RIP RYAN DUNN!” everywhere. The sad thing about Ryan Dunn that nobody seemed to have mentioned is that he effectively killed himself, (and his friend,) by driving whilst drunk.And let’s not get started on the amount of young guys that may have died from re-enacting some stupid stunt they saw on Jackass.


“Hey! my name’s Ryan Dunn and this is Jackass!”

Moral of the story:  Don’t drink OR drive.


Hows that for dramatic irony?



Perhaps Paul Walkers death can serve as a grim reminder that driving fast and furiously is not cool, it’s deadly and stupid.


  1. particular irony in that he was called paul WALKER. also most car accidents resulting in death (which are still statistically rare) for hollyweird actors are actually HITS. the agents and the jooz who control them profit greatly from dead stars, who not only stop taking any royalties, but also provide lots more drama to milk.

    1. He should’ve lived up to his name…. And yeah, It’s a great possibility that his death was intentional, especially as they just finished filming the last Fast and Furious move, so either his freak accident death was incredibly well timed or he was snuffed when he wasn’t needed anymore to provide profit for certain people and to possibly boost the hype of the final movie. Then again, as members of the general public, how are we to know he’s actually dead? there’s pretty much no way of knowing if any of these people have died or not. It’s like Michael Jackson’s death too, died shortly and unexpectedly right before his big new comeback tour? He was also in huge debt and could escape it if he ‘died’.

  2. more and more it looks like hollyweird set up this show on this theme to screw some guy on the hollyweird couch, then make him famous, but then on this theme of “dangerous driving”, so they could kill him and keep all the royalties. i suppose the death could be fake as well. but the show in general looks like it’s there to make driving look deadly dangerous, and it just isn’t anymore. i think there are like 2 deaths for every zillion miles driven in the US….if you look it up it’s rather surprising. almost no one would ever die in a car crash.

    remembering the diana issue as well here. that was was so fake it’s sad. first off they said her muslim driver, who never drank a drop in his life and was hired for what would obviously be a very top-notch and sensitive position…they said he was drunk driving. then they said diana died in a mercedes which no one, in the history of that model or the whole line of mercedes, has ever died in. those cars are built like tanks and have 50 airbags inside, so basically you’d have to drive it into the ocean to die in one.

    1. Seems plausible that the show was all a set up to kill him or to make money off of his apparent death.

      Yeah, I always thought how dumb the whole Diana thing was it just makes no sense whatsoever that it could’ve happen genuinely.. Me and Carland were just discussing Diana and how she looks a bit jewey (almost like Sharon Osbourne) A little research later we found that she is actually jewish. Even though it’s not discussed openly and theyre painted as christians it seems she is 100% jewish… Princess Crypto

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